Natural Gas Boilers

Natural Gas Boilers

Natural gas is an affordable, domestically-produced, easy to use alternative to heating oil whose cost industry experts say will remain relatively stable for the foreseeable future.  If you are considering a switch to natural gas for primarily environmental reasons, we encourage you to take a look at our wood pellet boiler systems; however, natural gas does burn significantly cleaner than oil, and paired with a high efficiency gas boiler, natural gas heat can be a cost-effective, reliable option for Maine residents to get off oil, heat their homes economically, and leave a reduced environmental footprint.

Switching from oil to gas can save you up to 50% on your heating bill.  For the average homeowner, this savings can add up to $1400 per year.  In addition, natural gas has greatly reduced levels of sulfate, nitrate and particulate emissions, making it burn about 30% cleaner than heating oil.  The vast majority of natural gas is sourced within North America, keeping your heating dollars within the US.

True North offers new high efficiency natural gas boilers to help you convert to gas in the most efficient way that provides the most long-term savings.

Many regions of Maine offer natural gas service, though not all areas have coverage.  If you’re unsure about whether your area is covered, visit our Natural Gas Service page to determine if service is available.

Read more about natural gas options with True North.  Or get started today!  Contact us to set up an in-home visit to see if natural gas is right for your home.