With so much information about heating and cooling in Maine available, it’s important to self-educate before making purchasing decisions.  We’ve put together a group of resources to help you understand the impact these choices will have on your home.  Click any category to get started.

Wood Pellet and Cord Wood Heating

Everything you need to know about heating with wood: environmental, financial and economic impact, how wood pellets are made, sustainable forestry practices, case studies and more.

Heat Pump Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

Heat pump technology has come a long way and has a multitude of applications that are perfect for Maine homes – learn about heating, cooling and heating your hot water with heat pumps.

Biofuel Heat

Heating your home with Maine-made biofuel is a fantastic first step to reducing your home’s carbon footprint and your heating bills.  Learn all about how biofuel is made, how it impacts your home and the future of biofuel in Maine.

Natural Gas Heat

Are you considering converting to natural gas heat?  While natural gas burns cleaner than oil and is very convenient for many homes, it does not come without its share of concerns about long-term viability, including costs, availability and environmental consequences.  Learn about how natural gas impacts your home and our climate.

Other Sustainable Heating Technologies

Learn about sustainable heating technologies not offered by True North, including geothermal, solar and non-wood biomass.


There are a number of financing options available to Mainers who want to improve their home’s carbon footprint – learn here about some great financing options for your project.


Here in Maine we are very lucky to have access to rebates through Efficiency Maine and some utility companies for low-emission and high-efficiency home improvement projects – and almost every service True North offers qualifies for rebates from $300 to $5,000.

Educational Resources

Here at True North, we know that an educated homeowner is a happy homeowner – so we’ve put together a list of some of the wonderful educational resources offered by local non-profits, municipal offices, businesses and community groups, as well as links to some groups that we love offering information on things like permaculture, small business incubation and more!

Understanding the Impact of Sustainable Heating

Knowing about the massive impact fossil fuel heating systems have on our climate and community is the first step in making positive sustainable changes for your family.  Explore the options below to understand how switching to sustainable green heat has a positive impact on your finances as a homeowner, the environment, and Maine’s economy:

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons (an organic compound consisting of hydrogen and carbon) that have been formed over very millions of years in the earth’s crust from the remains of dead plants and animals that have been subjected to enormous heat and pressure.  They generally include crude oil, coal, natural gas and heavy oils.


We love Maine!  Our home state is an incredible place to live because of our abundant natural resources, our strong communities and thriving local economy – and True North is on a mission to not only keep it that way, but help Maine see improvements in our climate, water quality and economy.  Find out how what we do affects not just the homeowners who work with us, but Maine at large.