Free Home Heating Assessment

Free Home Heating Assessment

The first step in upgrading your heating system is a free in-home visit from a True North Energy Advisor.  Our highly skilled team are trained to ask the right questions to understand your needs and the behavior of your home’s current heating system, but we take it one step further, identifying the ways in which your home can become more efficient to reduce your heating costs.

A home heating assessment usually takes an hour in most homes.  In some cases, for homes with highly complex systems or many heating zones, the visit will take a little bit longer.  Our Energy Advisor will spend some time asking questions about your heating system, then will ask to view the area in which your boiler is located.  The advisor may take photos or video of any areas involved in installation.

The Energy Advisor will return to the office after the assessment and work up a proposal for the agreed upon proposal and return it to you via email.  If you have any questions about the proposal, please reach out at any time.

Ready to take the path off of oil?  Get started today!

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