Air Source Mini Split Heat Pumps

Air Source Mini Split Heat Pumps

If you’ve never considered electric heat, now is the time; heat pumps are more efficient than ever and will eliminate or significantly decrease the amount of heating fuel you use to heat your home or business.

Heat Pumps (also called “ductless heat pumps, ” “mini splits” or “air source heat pumps” are most of the world’s most common source of heating and cooling, and are becoming more and more popular in Maine, where they can be used to save up to 300 gallons of oil per season at a much lower cost to the home owner, and continue producing heat at temperatures as low as -17 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heat pumps use the same technology that your refrigerator uses, but are used to transfer heat into your home rather than cool air (though most heat pumps can also be used for cooling in the summer).  Heat pumps are remarkably efficient – for every unit of electricity used to power a heat pump, an average of 2.7 units of heat are produced.  Perfect for supplemental heating or smaller homes, heat pumps are an affordable, money-saving option that can even be connected to your home’s solar panels to provide an even more complete sustainable solution.

True North currently installs Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, which offer a vast array of efficient electric heating and cooling options for your home.  Get started today by calling our team of Energy Advisers, who will help you determine what works best for your home and lifestyle.

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