Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate from Efficiency Maine

Geospring Pro Water Heater

This Geospring Pro Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater was installed in a Maine basement for maximum efficiency

Efficiency Maine offers a rebate of $300 for qualifying hybrid electric heat pump water heaters.  True North offers only heat pump water heaters that qualify for this rebate.   Read on for an overview of the heat pump water heater rebate, how to apply for it and what you need to know to move forward with your new sustainable domestic hot water system.*

*All rebates described below are reviewed, approved or denied, and paid out by the Efficiency Maine Trust.  True North is providing the below overview as an introduction only; Efficiency Maine’s policies, procedures and available rebates are subject to change at any time, without notice. Complete information can be found at www.efficiencymaine.com.

In general, to qualify for the heat pump water heater incentive, the appliance must be installed in a 1-4 unit residential home that serves as a primary residence, and must be ENERGY STAR® certified.

All work must be done by a registered Efficiency Maine residential vendor, with appliances that have qualifying efficiency ratings.  True North is a Qualified Residential Vendor Partner of Efficiency Maine and only offers heat pump water heaters that comply with Efficiency Maine’s qualification standards.

If you received any rebates from Efficiency Maine through the Home Energy Savings Plan (HESP) offered from 2010 through 2011, you will not be able to claim rebates for projects on the same residence through the current HESP.

Only one heat pump water heater rebate per calendar year per residence may be received.  The appliance must be purchased prior to June 30th, 2015 and postmarked by July 31st 2015.

Other restrictions may apply.

For complete detailed information about rebate eligibility, read the Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Form.

For complete details of the Home Energy Savings Program, please read the HESP Program Manual.

If you have questions or need assistance understanding your heat pump system and the incentives available to you, call us any time at 207-221-5677 or email us at in[email protected]. Interested in finding out more? Learn about Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters.